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Frequently Asked Questions

Planning your Shipment

When should I start planning? How do I obtain a quotation? How do I make a booking? Why do people prefer to collect their luggage from the airport? Can you provide packing materials? Can I use my own boxes/suitcases? Do you offer insurance? Do you pack my belongings for me? Is there anything I cannot send? What are dangerous/hazardous goods? Can I send food products? Is there a maximum recommended weight per package? Do you collect from my house? Can I send my luggage on a door to door service? Why do most people choose air freight? Can the sizes of my packages affect the cost?

Preparing for Collection

Will the driver tell me the cost? Do I have to label my packages/luggage? Should I lock my luggage? Do you offer a luggage wrapping service? Are my packages opened/checked in the UK? Is my luggage x-rayed for security purposes? Will the driver carry my luggage downstairs? When do I receive the final invoice? How do I pay? What documentation do I need to provide in the UK? Can I pay the shipping costs at the destination? Can you store my luggage in the UK before you send it? Can I send my luggage to friends or family overseas? Do I have to be at the pick-up address on the collection day?

Tracking and Receiving

How quickly should I collect my luggage at the destination? How long does it take for my luggage to arrive? How do I track my shipment? Do you provide contact details at the destination? Do I have to pay anything at the destination? Will the luggage arrive before or after my own arrival? Do I have to clear my shipment through customs when it arrives? What should I do if something is damaged or missing?


Can you bring my luggage back to the UK? Do you ship furniture? What if I’m a trader selling goods overseas? Can I send car/vehicle parts? Can I send goods containing batteries? What is an MSDS form? Can I pay extra to send dangerous/hazardous goods? Can I send live animals? What is secondary screening? What is a kerbside delivery? Do you only ship luggage from the UK?