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Because we ship to over 70 countries worldwide, each with different geographical features and local rules and regulations, we provide services which are tailored for each specific destination.

Air Freight Shipping

As you would expect we offer an air freight services to almost every city in the World which has a recognised customs airport and international airlines which fly there. To those countries where we are confident of the ability to efficiently clear customs and arrange a local delivery we extend the air freight service to a door to door one. 

For people with very large shipments where time is not a major factor, and as long as the destination is served by an international port, we offer a sea freight service. We do not offer a sea freight service where the final destination is inland.

Road Freight Shipping

For some countries which are a little closer in mainland Europe we can also offer a road freight service. This service takes a little longer than air freight but can also be cheaper.

As you can see, wherever you are shipping to, we can usually provide you with at least one option to consider.  The World maybe a big place but we’ve got it covered!

To ensure your goods arrive at the destination in perfect condition we provide a wide range of packing materials if required. Cartons of different sizes, tape, bubblewrap and more are all available for purchase.

In order to allow as many people as possible to benefit from our wide range of destinations we must be able to offer a comprehensive collection service. Depending on your location in Great Britain we can collect your packages with one of our own drivers or for clients a little further afield we can collect using the wide network provided by our collection partners. See the collection page for more information.