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Door to Door

Tudor International Freight is able to offer a door to door service by air freight to a limited number of destinations worldwide.

About our door to door shipping services

We only offer our door to door service to countries where we are satisfied that the customs clearance and delivery at the destination will be professionally controlled.

If you choose to ship your goods using our door to door service, then it is likely that you will be required to complete additional paperwork so we can facilitate the clearance at the country of destination.

We will provide the documentation for the completion of the delivery as and when it is required.

However, the procedure of customs clearance can delay the delivery of your shipment if the paperwork is not completed correctly.

In all cases we are subject to the rules, regulations and restrictions of local authorities and we must comply with these demands at all times.

Door to door delivery rates

Please be aware that our door to door rates are inclusive of all related transport costs up to delivery at the ultimate destination address, but they exclude any duties, taxes, quarantine fees or other similar costs in the unlikely event that they are levied by the relevant authorities. 

Duties and taxes are usually not applicable to shipments of used personal effects.

Door to door shipments within the European Union are not subject to customs clearance procedures at destinations at this time.

All shipments are subject to normal air freight restrictions with regards to dangerous/hazardous goods and valuable materials.

Advantages to door to door shipping

Our door to door shipping services helps our customers save time, effort, and money.

By being highly selective about where we offer door to door deliveries to, we can ensure that shipments arrive at destinations in a timely, safe, and secure manner.

If it is convenient, we also offer a kerbside door to door service to some European countries.

Items prohibited for door to door shipping

Dangerous or hazardous goods and materials are prohibited for our door to door services.

This can include aerosols, batteries, perfume, paints or anything that is flammable or that contains dangerous gases. Find out more about what is prohibited.

We also advise that valuable items, such as cash, jewellery and watches, are not shipped by either air or sea freight.

Other services

Tudor International Freight is also able to provide the following services: