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Project Logistics

Our project logistics team provides a complete transport solution for the movement of heavy, oversized, abnormal and high value cargo across the world by air, sea and road.

Through extensive experience our specialist team have an excellent understanding of the unique challenges posed by global projects. We embrace the finer details of these challenges and by utilising our safe, reliable and efficient working procedures we can provide a tailor made service that is right for your business.

Serving customers from the oil and gas, engineering and construction sectors, Tudor International Freight has a proven track record in delivering on time and under budget logistic solutions to a wide range of projects. We take care of site surveys, route planning, relevant authority permissions and permits, vehicle escorts and all necessary collaboration between all parties involved.

Track and Trace Capabilities

Online track & trace and our unique reporting system DataNet ensures that you have 24/7 access to up to date information relating to your project cargo.

It is our aim to seamlessly integrate with our clients, and where required; their vendors and the end customer to create a unified supply chain.

If you require any more information please contact our project logistics team.

Industry Specific Guidance and Logistics Advice