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Air Freight

Tudor International Freight is one of the UK’s premier independent shipping companies and air freight forwarders. With over 25 years’ experience in the excess baggage market, we have developed strong relationships with the world’s leading airlines.

Many of the customers that choose international shipping via air freight do so to send their excess baggage across the world. There are many reasons why people choose Tudor’s air freight services:

Air freight offers fast delivery speeds

Our air freight services are by far the fastest and most convenient method to send your excess baggage overseas. Most sea freight shipments can take over a month to arrive, while air freight shipments take around one week.

Air freight offers thousands of destinations worldwide

Tudor International Freight can send your belongings to over 6,500 airports worldwide. For some destinations air freight is the only option.

For instance, many countries in central Africa and the Balkans are landlocked, so sea freight and road freight services simply don’t exist to these countries.

Higher level of security for air freight

Air freight shipments are required to pass through strict security screening.

These tightly managed airport controls reduce exposure to cargo theft and damage.

Reliable air freight services

Flights can be delayed by weather, which could cause a delay to your shipment. If we are unable to move your belongings on the intended flight due to bad weather, we will more than likely be able to find a flight only a day or two later.

Sea freight carriers tend to have a weekly/fortnightly schedule, meaning that the overall delay to your shipment could be much longer.

Track your shipment online

Once you have made an air freight booking with Tudor International Freight, you will receive full flight details for your shipment, so you can track your excess baggage online from origin to destination.

Dispelling the myth of “expensive” air freight

Air freight is not as expensive as you may think. In some cases, air freight rates are actually cheaper than sea freight rates. We also find that destination charges at the port of arrival tend to be higher than those at airports.

If you would like to discuss our air freight service with a member of the Tudor International Freight team, please contact us.