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What are dangerous/hazardous goods?

There are many types of items which are regarded as dangerous/hazardous and these include common types of household or personal items which you may think are safe. 

Dangerous goods include articles and substances which are flammable, corrosive, toxic, oxidizing, explosive, radioactive, infectious, compressed gases, dangerous when wet, spontaneously combustible, self-reactive, organic peroxides and regulated material. The list below shows some examples:

Aerosols, batteries, perfume, paints, fuel and/or fuel tanks, explosives, corrosives, firearms and ammunition, radioactive material, pressurised cylinders and/or similar type of containers or weapons of any description.

For further information about Dangerous / Hazardous goods please click here. There are also new rules and regulations regarding the shipment of lithium batteries. Click here for further details.

It is your legal responsibility to ensure that your luggage does not include any of these items.

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