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Customs Clearance

At Tudor International Freight we have the ability to provide customs clearance for your import and export shipments across all UK sea terminals and airports.

We hold a direct computer link to customs and all major UK ports, which allows us to provide an efficient and trusted customs clearance process for our customers.

Our in house technology provides our customs clearance operators with full access to your shipment details in minutes. This allows us to request consignment information or obtain copy documentation at the click of a button.

Tariff Guidance and Advice

In addition, our skilled staff are more than happy to discuss and provide guidance on customs tariff classifications, potential duties and taxes involved, tariff concessions as well as any permit and licensing assistance. Customs clearance services we are able to provide include the following:

- Custom Documentation
- Customs Brokering
- Inland Clearance
- Tariff Guidance
- Free Zones
- Inward Processing Relief (IPR)
- End - Use Relief
- Deferring Payment of Customs Charges

Industry Specific Guidance and Logistics Advice