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What is secondary screening?

When you send packages by air freight they are subjected to stringent security checks. All packages are x-rayed from two different angles by trained aviation security experts to ensure they are safe to loaded onto the flight. Occasionally a small percentage of packages fail the x-ray test. This is primarily if they contain items which are too dense for the x-ray machine to see through or if they contain items which the security staff decide require further examination. If a package fails this x-ray test it is sent for "secondary screening".  This involves a physical examination of the contents with a swab taken which is tested for explosive traces.

Unfortunately, when cargo is sent for "secondary screening" there is a further charge by the airline to cover the cost. This cost is usually approx £80.00  It is impossible to know in advance if an item will pass or fail the x-ray test but we will notify you as soon as possible if this applies to your shipment. Some items fail the secondary screening test. These packages are not allowed to travel by air freight under any circumstances.

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