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Excess Baggage

Tudor International Freight has been helping private individuals move their excess baggage around the world for over twenty five years. We handle hundreds of shipments each month to over 300 countries so we feel comfortable calling ourselves excess baggage experts.

We are the preferred choice for students, families, expats and holidaymakers alike. 

Each year we receive hundreds of enquiries from individuals looking for a more cost effective method of sending their baggage overseas. Airline excess baggage charges can be frighteningly high.

For example Qatar Airways charge $40.00 (£32.52) per kilo for excess baggage charges to Africa, The Far East and Australasia from the UK.  Why not use our air freight service instead and send your luggage home at a fraction of that cost?

Tudor International offer air freight, sea freight, road freight and door to door options for your excess baggage.

We are committed to putting our customers’ needs first and want to make sure that your goods arrive safely and securely at the destination.

Fast, cheap, safe and efficient is the best way to sum up our excess baggage service.

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