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Excess Baggage

Tudor International Freight has been helping private individuals move their excess baggage around the world for over 25 years. We handle hundreds of shipments each month to over 300 countries, making us one of the most sought-after excess baggage companies in the UK.

We are the preferred choice for students, families, expats, and holidaymakers alike.

Save money with excess baggage services

Each year we receive hundreds of enquiries from individuals looking for a more cost-effective method of sending their baggage overseas. As you’re probably aware, excess baggage charges by airlines can be frighteningly high.

For example Qatar Airways charges $40.00 (£32.52) per kilo for excess baggage charges to Africa, Asia, and Australasia from the UK. 

Why not use our air freight service instead and send your luggage home at a fraction of that cost? Discover how much you can save with a free and on-obligation quote.

Track your excess baggage across the world

We’re here to give you peace of mind, and if you opt for our excess baggage air freight services, you’ll be able to track your package across the world as it makes its way to the destination.

Know your excess baggage is in the safest hands

With over 25 years helping people send their excess baggage across the world, we implement an array of security measures throughout our delivery processes to ensure that each and every package arrives safely at its destination.

That said, it is sometimes important to look after valuable or delicate objects, or packages that might move around while in transit. For this reason, we supply a range of packaging materials, from polystyrene fillings, right through to bubble wrap. Take a look at our packing materials page for more info.

Enjoy a variety of freight options

Tudor International offers air freight, sea freight, road freight and door to door options for excess baggage.

We are committed to putting our customers’ needs