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Outsourced Warehousing Space

Stock management and storage can often be a challenge for businesses as they prepare to export large quantities of goods overseas.

Many of our clients take advantage of the warehouse space we have available to ensure safe and commercial storage of goods in preparation for the shipment.    

Alternatively, as part of your ‘Just in time’ manufacturing process you may require your imported materials to be stored, requesting the delivery as and when you need it. 

We run an effective and timely logistics programme therefore space is often available for those that require storage space for a longer period of time to assist their own stock management.    

The secure space provides flexibility and a cost-effective alternative when managing overstocked warehouses.   You only have to rent the space you require at any given time – not on a long-term basis.

Warehouse space for hazardous and fragile goods

As experts in transporting hazardous and fragile shipments we are also therefore experts in storing these products ensuring they are packaged and labelled correctly. Transportation of hazardous goods require UN approved materials therefore we can ensure that the correct packaging is used and the shipment stored safely ready for the departure date.


If you could benefit from additional warehouse space and are looking for space to rent in Leeds please do get in contact and we can discuss your requirements. Please email the team at

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