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Is Your Freight Packaging Correct?

We understand the importance of using the correct freight packaging to protect your cargo as it moves across the world to your customers.

Whether your goods are heavy, out of gauge, hazardous or of high value, they must arrive safely and in good condition which means that the export freight packing has to be fit for purpose.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of getting the packaging right.  The strict regulations imposed by the carriers have to be adhered to otherwise freight will not be taken and turned away.  Time is of the essence and a delay in your products leaving the UK because they have to be repacked could be detrimental to your business,” said Tudor export expert Mark Thompson. 


Freight Packaging - Top Tips:

Know your product

You, as the shipper, will more than likely be the best person to know what packaging will be required to protect the cargo during transit.  If your goods are considered dangerous or hazardous in nature, you will also need to understand the class of your goods.

If you are transporting hazardous goods, each class of hazardous product needs a specific type of UN approved packaging.  The type of packaging required goes hand-in-hand with the legislative paperwork. The Dangerous Goods Note is a legal requirement; the person completing the Dangerous Goods Note is required by law to have received the appropriate training.

Plan ahead as custom made products require custom packaging

When designing and manufacturing your products, think about how they will be transported as early as possible in the process.  The packaging required to transport the product safely and securely might well be as bespoke as the item and you don’t want delivery to be delayed. Abnormal sizes need planning when it comes to transportation so, again, pre-planning is essential. Most aircraft operate to a maximum cargo height of 160cm. If your shipment height exceeds 160cm, the number of aircraft at your disposal is much smaller and will likely lead to a price increase.

There are rules and regulations – ensure your shipping and warehouse team have the right training

There are strict regulations for not only the compliance and paperwork required to export but also the packaging to ensure freight is transported safely. Getting the packaging wrong could slow down or even halt the movement of your products. These are just the UK rules, know your country of destination as well so they are accepted at the destination's customs.   

Using wood to package your goods?  Ensure you meet ISPM15 international standards

Solid wood packaging for exports and imports need to adhere to these strict regulations and will be inspected as part of the shipping process. If you do not follow the rules your goods could be seized by the overseas customs authority.


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