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Incoterms: Free Alongside Ship (FAS)

An in-depth look at the incoterm; Free Alongside Ship...

What is Free Alongside Ship?

“Free Alongside Ship” (FAS) is one of the 11 official rulings from incoterms 2010. This particular term means that the seller is responsible for clearing the goods through customs at origin and delivering them through to the vessel at the point of origin.


What Transport Mode Can FAS Be Used With?

The use of Free Alongside Ship is restricted to transport by sea or via inland waterway.


How Does Free Alongside Ship Work?

In this incoterm, the seller delivers the goods that have been cleared for export, alongside the vessel at the named port. Generally, the seller is responsible for seeing this process through and the buyer is responsible for the costs of reloading goods, ocean transportation, insurance and any costs payable at destination.


FAS Overview

  • Free Alongside Ship can only be used via water transportation.
  • FAS & FOB have subtle differences. Make sure you read both blogs (linked above) and are not confused.
  • In practice, it should be used in situations where the seller can access the vessel for loading.


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