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Incoterms: Free Carrier (FCA)

An in-depth guide on the incoterm; Free Carrier...

What is Free Carrier? (FCA)

Free Carrier is one of the 11 official incoterms. Similar to the already discussed Ex Works, in this ruling, the seller’s responsibility ends once the goods have been collected from their premises by the buyer’s carrier.


What Transport Mode Can Free Carrier Be Used With?

Free Carrier can be used for any transport mode, or where there is more than one singular mode of transport.


How Does FCA Work?   

One of the 11 official incoterms; Free Carrier (FCA) means that the seller is responsible for delivering the cargo to a specific destination in their own country (normally an airport or freight terminal) and the buyer assumes all responsibility from this point onwards. Liability transfers from the seller to the buyer at the time the seller delivers the cargo to the agreed airport or terminal.


Free Carrier (FCA) Overview

  • In every case, the seller is responsible for export clearance. Buyers will assume risk and  bare all costs after the goods have been delivered to the named destination.
  • If shipments are moving across borders, Free Carrier is usually a better option than Ex Works.
  • In a similar fashion to Ex Works, the seller’s responsibilities terminate when the goods have been collected from their premises by the buyer’s carrier.
  • However, the seller is required to undertake export procedures and load the cargo on to a vehicle – something the seller is usually better placed to do.


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