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Six Unique Facts About Brazil

One of the world’s most biodiverse jungle and bundles of cosmopolitan cities, Brazil is one of the most popular countries in the world.

And if you’re backpacking across South America, then there’s no better place to visit for consuming exotic items. Here are some of the unique and quirky goods you probably won’t be able to replicate anywhere else. 

1) Wine

If you love an alcoholic beverage then you’re in for a treat. Since hosting the 2016 Olympic Games and Fifa World Cup, wine sales in Brazil have become one of their most popular exports across the globe. British wine expert Steven Spurrier selected Cave Geisse Brut as the leading recommendation during his top six wines to drink from in Brazil.

2) Havaianas

Now we all know a friend who wears a pair of these. You are able to buy these flip flops from most countries, however, purchasing them from Brazil just makes it that little bit more special. Not to mention a little cheaper.

3) Brazilian football shirt

Brazil’s forte is placed on a football pitch. Their passion for the sport is no secret, so what better way to blend in that wearing a bright yellow and green authentic Brazilian football shirt? Neymar is their most valued player and has since completed a move to PSG for a world record fee of 222 million. Did you know, 14,000 Brazilian fans signed a petition after their coach at the time Dunga, decided to leave the striker out of his 2010 World Cup squad.

4) Soapstone

This traditional soap used in the Latin American country is used for appliances such as kitchen work tops due to its rather dark colour. The beautiful looking soaps come in a vast amount of different styles, shapes and images.

5) Tourist attractions and souvenirs

Some of the most breath-taking views come from this part of the continent. The Christ Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, the Amazon and Maracanã Stadium are just several suggestions.  For tourist attractions, they have been replicated as memorabilia and are awesome items to buy if you’re looking to buy a present for someone in the family household. Keep an eye out for mini Christ statues, glass rocks reflecting the Maracanã inside and the iconic ‘I love Rio’ t-shirts.

6) Hammock

The hammock is one of Brazil’s greatest creations. Although, they aren’t used much in large cities/ Locals from rural, smaller or coastal towns are the places you will get the most out of using a hammock. On a day-to-day basis, you will see the locals hanging on the side of one.

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