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Preparing Deliveries Around Black Friday

There’s no doubt that Black Friday can be a great, if stressful time for shoppers, and if you’re a shopper looking to send presents abroad around or after Black Friday, here’s what you might need to know.

We’re ready for Black Friday

In 2017 a whopping £1.4 billion was spent on Black Friday, which was up a massive 11.7% from the year before.

If that’s anything to go by, then 2018 could be the biggest year yet for retailers, deliveries, and freight companies alike.

The good news is that everyone at Tudor International Freight is ready for one of the busiest seasons of the year, and so is each and every business involved in deliveries, freight, and forwarding.

Over the past few years, Black Friday and the ever-growing Cyber Monday, has filled all air cargo capacity, which last year doubled freight services during that period.

This means that everyone in the industry is more than ready for one of the busiest weeks of the year, with extra staff, plans, equipment, and vehicles being made ready to take on the extra work.

Will my orders still be delivered on time if I send them around Black Friday?

With over 25 years forwarding freight throughout the world, we know just what to do for when the demand for services heats up.

Whether you’re using our air freight, sea freight, or road freight service, we ensure that no matter what, all quoted delivery times will be honoured and successfully completed during the time periods before, during, and after Black Friday.

What’s more, when someone books their shipment online, they can track them through the airline, shipping line, or haulier, and a representative from Tudor International Freight will email you with the relevant details of the flight, vessel, or truck, so that you can keep an eye on your package.

Does it cost any more to send shipments around Black Friday?

Although some companies might charge more for deliveries around Black Friday, at Tudor International Freight, we do not charge individuals any higher than we normally would throughout the year.

If you’re wondering how much it might cost to send a package via one of our services, you can do so with our quick and easy to use Get a Quote page.

I’m sending Christmas presents, can I order any packaging to keep them safe?

At Tudor International Freight, we’re proud of sending our packages across the world, both on-time and safely, which is why we are able to offer our customers a whole host of packing materials if they are worried about safety.

Including different types of polystyrene, and multiple thicknesses of bubble wrap, we like to ensure that everyone’s deliveries get to their destinations safe and sound.

You can take a look at the different types of packaging that we offer right here.

If you have any other questions about sending packages or forwarding excess baggage across the world during busy times of the year, feel free to drop us a message.

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