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How Well Do You Know France?

For over a quarter of the last century, Tudor Freight has been offering our shipping service to our next door neighbours France.

During those years we have built a well-earned reputation for providing a first class road freight service to the help French students.

France is one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations and there are plenty of things to explore. From great cities like Paris, Nice and Bordeaux to experiencing the stunning prehistoric sites of Brittany’s beautiful coastline and the famous Eiffel Tower.

But, the question is, how well do you know France? Here’s some fun facts Tudor Freight have compiled.

1) The word France abbreviates from the Latin word Francia, which constitutes the meaning, ‘country of the Franks’.

2) After English, French is the second most studied language in the world. The French language was the official language of England for over 300 years.

3) On the boarder of France and Italy is home to France’s highest mountain in the Alps, Mount Blanc, standing at 4,807m high (15,771 ft).

4) In 2015, the estimated population of France was 64,982,894.

5) Tourism of the European country reached record numbers, 83.7 million visitors to be precise, which was the highest number in the world during 2014.

6) France is famous for their passion for food. Each new day, on average two cooking books are published. Your average French person eats 500 snails a year whilst consuming 11.2 billion glasses of wine each year.

7) Cycling is their most prestigious sport. The Tour de France typically has 21 stages over a 23-day period covering around 3,500 kilometres.

8) In 1748 under the French Parliament, potatoes were bizarrely banned as it was thought to have caused leprosy. This law remained intact until 1772.

9) A staggering TEN BILLION baguettes are produced in France each year. By law, a traditional baguette requires three ingredients – flour, yeast and salt – weighing 250 grams.

10) France boasts the highest number of Nobel Prize awards in literature. They have won 15, followed by the United States with 11 and the UK with 10 at third place.

If you are shipping to France or require any further help or guidance, please contact our excess baggage team.


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