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How Tudor International Freight Can Save You Money In 2019

At Tudor International Freight, we’ve been forwarding packages and personal possessions across the world for well over 20 years. Whether you’re looking to have excess baggage sent to Dubai, packages to Thailand, or personal possessions to Brazil, we can help you get your things where they need to be in 2019.

 What’s more, we can do it while saving you money, so find out how we can help you do that over the next 12 months:

Don't pay expensive excess baggage charges

No matter where you’re going in the world, if you’re travelling by plane and have vast amounts of baggage to take with you, even the cheapest of airlines will charge large sums of money for excess baggage.

With Tudor International Freight however, we can offer a fast, reliable, and cheaper alternative to airlines, which can charge up to £43 per kilogram of baggage that is overweight.

Plan ahead and send your excess baggage by sea freight

Although air freight is both fast and efficient, it is slightly more expensive than other forms of freight. With this in mind, if you plan long enough ahead, you can save even more money by booking your forwarding service in the form of sea freight.

Most destinations via sea freight can take up to six weeks, but if you book ahead, we can help you find even more economic forms of transport via our specialist sea freight service.

Pack your excess baggage efficiently

Sometimes it can be the case that people will want to protect and pack their own packages against damage. Tudor International Freight however, offers a range of efficient and cost-effective packaging materials for items across any service.

As you can imagine, there are different shipment processes depending on the type of freight that you use, so packages will be handled and treated differently, which is why it is important that items are offered different types of packaging depending on how they travel.

We can organise and pack your items efficiently to help you save money, and you can find out about how to safely pack your personal effects in one of our earlier blogs.

Let us collect your excess baggage - it's cheaper!

As an extra service, we also offer nationwide collections that operate Monday to Friday. What’s more, if you happen to live in the Leeds or Bradford areas, we can pick up your packages free of charge.

Our drivers, which collect your items in specially marked vans, can also weigh, measure, and calculate the costs of your packages at your house or property; so that you know the full cost of forwarding there and then.

If you happen to live further afield, different charges apply, depending on where you live.

We also offer three options for payments, which include:

  • Cash or credit or debit card on collection.
  • Via our Secure Online Payment Facility, using your unique payment code.
  • Directly into our bank account using a cash deposit or bank transfer.

If you opt for the third method, Tudor International Freight must be notified that a payment has been made into our account.

You can find out more about our collection service and charges on our collection service page.

If you want to know more about any of the services above, or how Tudor International Freight can help save you money during 2019, check out our contact page or call us on 0113 250 1155.

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