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How To Calculate Shipment Dimensions

Working out the dimensions and weight of your package is important, as both factors can influence the cost of transportation, no matter which method is being used to deliver them.

For those that are sending packages via air freight, in the majority of cases, you will be charged according to the weight of your package.

Occasionally however, there will be some instances when you might be charged for the size of the package.

Items such as televisions and fridge freezers can be classed as volumetric cargo, which means that you’ll need to know the volumetric weight of the package.

How do I calculate the dimensions of my shipment?

In order to get the dimensions of the package, you need to measure its length, width, and height in centimetres.

In order to get the volumetric weight of a package, you must do the same as the above, and then multiply the total dimensions together and divide by 6,000.

By doing so, you will have calculated the volumetric weight of the package.

So, if a box weighs 32kg and measures 130x30x90cms, its volumetric weight would be 58.50kg.

In the above scenario, the charge would be based on a volumetric weight of 58.50kg rather than the actual weight of 32kg.

How do I ensure the best possible price for my excess baggage?

For those that are looking to package their own items, and want the best price, you should look to pack your items into the smallest possible space.

While not making the package too heavy (or endangering the contents), by packing items into the smallest possible box, you can look to avoid paying for volume rather than weight.

It’s worth noting however, that you will always be charged according to the higher figure.

If you happen to be sending multiple packages, then the combined actual weight of the items should be compared to the combined volumetric weight to determine which figure the shipment is going to be charged by.

Excess baggage collection service

If your package is being collected by a Tudor employee, then it is worth noting that they will measure the packages upon arrival and calculate the cost immediately.

However, if the collection is being handled by a haulage partner, then the packages will be weighed and measured within our warehouse the next working day.

Once this process is complete, we will calculate the overall cost before contacting you directly.

You can check our collection page to see if Tudor currently collects within your location.

As an extra service, we also offer luggage wrapping at £2 per package. This means that your items will be securely and safely wrapped in black plastic; helping to strengthen, disguise and waterproof your shipment.

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