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Our Shipping Services To India

Tudor International have been shipping to India since our inception in 1991. Indian students who have finished their studies and are returning home are one of our largest group of customers.

Ever since the formation of Tudor International Freight in 1991 Indian students have played a large role in our success story.

Overseas Removals to India

Even in the early days groups of students who had personal effects which they wanted shipping to India after graduation would contact us every Summer.

Indians studying in the UK knew they could trust us to safely transport their luggage back home whether the destination was Mumbai, Chennai or Kolkata or any of the other fifteen different airports which we serve.

You see, shipping to India is not as straightforward as some other companies seem to think. We have the experience and expertise which sets us apart from many other shipping companies.

We know that the best way to avoid paying duties and taxes in India is to ensure that the owners of the goods in the UK is also the person who clears customs and collects from the local airport in India.

Excess Baggage to India

We know that it is important to pack your personal effects as safely as possible which is why we provide packing materials to those who might need them.

We know that you want to know the approximate cost of your shipment before you make a booking. This is why we provide full details of the cost on our India page and why we also have the instant online calculator which shows you the different costs depending on the number of packages, weight and destination airport etc.

Once you have had your quotation we make things easy for you by providing our online booking service.

You can also ask questions online, pay online and track your shipment online.

In short, for the modern Indian student, Tudor Int. Freight are the modern shipping company which fits your needs.

When you need an expert to help with your shipping to India, contact our team.

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