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Shipping To America

Tudor Freight has always had a "special relationship" with our U.S. cousins. Although shipping to America started around four hundred years ago we have been playing our part for the last twenty two.

The United States of America is one of our most popular destinations with over seventy international airports appearing on our dedicated USA page.

Excess Baggage to America

From Minneapolis in the North to Houston in the South and from San Francisco in the West to New York in the East, Tudor Freight have your shipping to America fully covered.

As well as our ever popular air freight service to these airports we also offer our door to door service which covers the whole country.

If you have over 35 kilos the freight rate is just £4.00 per kilo (handling and collection charges may apply - ask for details) and many American students prefer to pay this little bit extra in the UK to avoid all of the hassle of customs clearance and collection from their local airport. Simply complete the relevant documentation including the shippers inventory and the U.S. Customs form in advance and provide a copy of your passport then sit back and relax as Tudor Freight get to work.

America Shipping Costs

If you do however prefer to pay a little less and have your shipping to America only as far as your local airport then you can use the instant quote to obtain an indication of the likely costs.

We also have a section of the website dedicated to answer your questions and if you can't find the information that you want there, feel free to contact us to ask a member of staff directly.

Finally, if you want to hear what previous clients thought of our service then have a look at their comments on our testimonial page.  

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