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Palletising Your Packages

We strongly recommend that all sea and road freight shipments are palletised for extra safety and security.

When clients are sending several packages by sea or road freight we believe it is safer to send them wrapped and strapped together on a strong pallet.

This means that instead of sending 20 or 30 individual packages we can send them grouped together on 1 or 2 pallets instead. There are several advantages to doing so.

Palletising your packages makes it much less likely that an individual package will go astray and less likely that a fragile package could be badly handled.

Instead, they will be safely wrapped and strapped onto a solid pallet in our warehouse which can only be moved by industrial machinery such as a fork-lift truck.

When the pallet arrives at your destination you simply cut the straps and plastic away and remove your packages.

We charge just £20.00 for each pallet required.

You can see examples of our pallets here.