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Exporting Chemicals and International Trade Regulations

From the production of day to day household products to industrial manufactured chemicals and dyes the chemical sector is thriving and following substantial R&D investment, both from the UK and overseas, the sector contributes significantly to the UKs export market as products are increasingly purchased around the world. 

UK Chemical sector: Top UK Exporter the facts - Did you know that…

  • Goods exported from the UK in 2018 was £350,651 million (Office National Statistics), of which £57,116m was from the chemical sector – therefore one of the UK’s top industries.
  • The sector adds over £17 billion of value to the economy, on sales of around £50 billion (Chemical Industries Association July 2019).
  • The North West of England is the leading chemical producer, followed by Scotland and Yorkshire/Humber (CEFIC and the CIA).
  • The chemical industry in the UK comprises some of the highest exporting and importing companies of any sector.
  • 31% of everything manufactured in the UK chemical industry is exported to other countries (Santander).
  • Top trading partners for the UK chemical sector include the US, the EU and China.
  • Chemicals and manufactured goods are some of the most valuable export sectors in Yorkshire (HMRC).

Chemicals: International Trade Regulations

The sector has experienced significant changes over recent years with a much larger emphasis being placed on logistics compliance and regulation. Ensuring our clients comply with the trade regulations both in the UK and overseas we:

  • only use UN approved packaging for our hazardous cargo 
  • all consignments checked against the UK HSE (Health Safety Executive) and CPL (Classification, Packaging and Labelling) regulations
  • are licenced to store and handle seven classes of hazardous packed chemicals
  • are an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) reflecting that our end to end supply
  • adheres to the international standard of safety, regulation, trust, and security.

Don’t let a no deal Brexit affect the UK chemical sector export success

To keep businesses operating as usual in the event of a no-deal Brexit, HMRC are urging EU importers and exporters to become familiar with the following three programmes:

  • Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI);
  • Customs Declarations Service (CDS);
  • Transitional Simplified Import and Export Procedure (SIEP).

Our advice is be prepared and get your registrations in order now.


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