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Tudor Issue Brexit Advice

We’ve made headlines in multiple publications and websites after briefing journalists on urgent practical steps businesses trading with the EU should take to minimise problems they could face after a “no deal” Brexit.

Using our expertise and experience in international trade, we said in a statement to the media that affected importers and exporters broadly needed to bring their processes and documentation for trading with the EU into line with those applying to nations elsewhere now.

Tudor director Adam Johnson said: “Our statement explained that if the UK left the EU next March, as planned, without a withdrawal agreement, the free circulation of goods between the two would cease and there’d be immediate changes to importing and exporting procedures.

“These amendments would almost certainly include tariffs being imposed, import and export declarations being required, customs checks taking place and any VAT and customs duties due having to be paid.”

Our statement urged affected businesses to ensure they now used comprehensive CMR notes for all consignments transported by road to and from the EU. A CMR note – the abbreviation being derived from its French name – is the standard contract for moving goods across borders by this means.

We also advised traders with the EU to prepare full and accurate commercial invoices and talk to other companies in their supply chains, to ensure any preparations needed for a “no deal” outcome were in progress there too.

Adam said: “Our statement added that traders could seek assistance from international freight forwarders for tasks such as submitting customs declarations and negotiating documentation checks after Brexit.

“We pointed out, however, that traders should remember the few hundred forwarders in the UK, including ourselves, who were Authorised Economic Operators could offer them advantages unavailable elsewhere. These included a faster application process for customs authorisations and a reduction in the financial guarantees required.”

The media lapped up our unique, plain English, practical advice, with many outlets reproducing our entire statement. You can see some of the early online coverage by clicking on the links below:

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