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Worlds largest container arrives to UK

The world’s largest container ship has arrived in the UK. The ship can carry a staggering 21,413 containers which measure 20ft each.

The container is 400 metres long and is currently docked in Felixstowe, Suffolk. OOCL Hong Kong is on its maiden voyage to Europe until it returns to the Far East. It has been on an estimated 77-day round trip. 
Protecting, maintaining and optimising marine engine performance at a time when engine technology is fast developing can be challenging and complex, particularly during a period when fuel selection and vessel speed requirements are also up for discussion.

The G-type engine design used in the OOCL Hong Kong requires close oil performance monitoring and technical support and since the container ship also needs to optimise its performance by tackling very challenging operating conditions, this means that selecting high quality cylinder oil is of utmost importance.

The weight of the vessel is a mammoth 210,890 tonnes and has a width of 58.8 metres. 

It was built at Samsung Heavy Industries’ shipyard in South Korea and serves the Asia-Europe trade lane as part of OOCL’s LL1 service. 
The ship arrived at Hutchison Ports Port of Felixstowe at midday on Tuesday and is due to depart on Thursday morning.

Chief executive officer of the Port of Felixstowe and managing director of Hutchison Ports Europe commented: Clemence Cheng “The OOCL Hong Kong is the latest in a line of mega vessels to call at the Port of Felixstowe.

“The port’s location close to the main shipping lanes and the ports of Northern Europe, combined with a unique combination of road and rail connections, makes it the first choice for the latest generation of giant container ships.”

Source: BT

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