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Toby Young backs Brexit to benefit Freight business

The EU is ignoring the risks of Brexit to European ports, the UK Chamber of Shipping has said. In a video released, Chief executive of the Chamber, Guy Platten stated:

“The EU sells £240bn of goods to the UK each year, most of which travels through ports.  So the negative impact of a so-called hard Brexit on ports such as Dover will be felt just as severely if not more so by European ports.  I don’t think the EU has fully grasped this yet.”

Mr Platten demanded negotiators of Brexit to “put ideology aside” and retain trade between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

“Much of the attention on the impact of leaving the customs union has been on UK ports such as Dover,” he added.

Respected journalist and author Toby Young believes Brexit will have a good impact ion freight companies.

Young has been a vocal supporter of Brexit and despite uncertainty of the next steps of the process in leaving, the 53-year-old is adamant of Brexit happening sooner, rather than later.

“It’s not either or. I expect us to leave the EU when the A50 timeline dictates and I expect the deal between the Conservatives and the DUP to be renewed post-Brexit.

“It sounds like it will benefit your business,” he exclusively told Tudor International Freight.

The result of leaving the EU could mean tighter restrictions to shipping products across Europe and the rest of the world with stricter legislation's likely to be enforced.

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