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Spotted: Police spy-cam catches out lorry driver in Yorkshire

Shocking footage released by Highways England has shown a truck driver on his phone whilst driving on the motorway.

The driver, travelling from the M18 onto the M62 in Yorkshire, was also caught with his feet up whilst using a mobile phone.

An unmarked HGV cab filmed the incident:



In an attempt to crack down on careless driving, the police forces across the UK have so far caught over 500 drivers in Yorkshire and the Humber and 4,000 people in total from the past three years. 

Tudor International Freight director Adam Johnson has welcomed the initiative to crack down on crimes committed whilst driving. 

Speaking to Tudor, he said: "It's an idea that could be vital to ensuring better safety on the road. Every year, innocent people are either severely injured or killed due to those who are utterly careless. 

"The footage released is an indicator of how effective this scheme could prove to be, though it highlights concerning issues that happen on a daily basis.

"So far it has caught over 4,000 drivers. Here at Tudor, our drivers know the repercussions of what can happen when driving dangerously. 

"We fully support the operation put in place by Police forces across Britain."

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