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Organisation's encourage women to take up Truck Driving

The need for professionally trained truck drivers is something that continues to be craved. There is a plea to reach out to female drivers.

The Women in Trucking Organisation, created in 2007, are hoping to persuade more women to enter the field and become truck drivers with it being one of their main goals for this year according to the American Department of Labour.

James Hodson, director of motorway operations & facilities at M6toll has also weighed in with his support to do help increase the level of women truckers.

He said: “As it stands, the haulage industry is incredibly male dominated and we hope that our HerGV campaign will help to change that. We’ve received such positive feedback from everyone who has entered the competition and heard about the campaign. The whole team are looking forward to picking a deserving winner in October 2017!”

Government statistics display that by 2022, the HGV industry requires 1.2 million more people in terms of recruitment.

A study by the RHA suggests, herGV campaign, contains only 1% of HGV drivers within the UK are women. Other roles for women that consist within the industry is a poor representation. The RHA, along with the M6toll and training providers Pertemps hope that recruiting more women could support their objective to improve the industry equality debate and come up with a solution for the skills needed to be fulfilled.

Women who are interested are encouraged to upload a video to the website with the chance to win a prize package worth up to £3,000. The winner would also get   training by Pertemps and a work placement will be included. 

The nominees shortlisted will have an invitation to a fun day out with the family at Drayton Manor. The winner will be announced at the theme park in October.

For more information about the HerGV campaign, visit


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