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Exclusive: Gage Oxley talks logistics, revisits anxious wait & his upcoming film

Writer and director Gage Oxley is currently in production of shooting new film 'Pulse.'

Gage directing the crew for upcoming film 'Pulse.'

The filmmaker has had a vast amount of equipment shipped across over recent years including cameras, gimbals and pulling systems.

It is fair to say Tudor have had their own selection of rather odd things shipped across from the UK via air, sea and road. So, w
e decided to flip the coin and ask Gage for some of the most eye-catching products shipped to him since beginning film. 

"We've had a lot of mad props shipped from around the UK for our films, as a lot of what we do is quite provocative and meant to represent some of the challenging issues; we have to make sure we're using what they would in real life. We've had stuff like fake drugs, guns, real intravenous injecting equipment and replica firearms," he exclusively told Tudor Freight.

The ‘This is The World We Live in’ star recalls one time he had an anxious wait for a very expensive delivery.

He said: "A lot of our equipment is quite costly, but it is definitely bumped up by the shipping and customs fees. I can remember paying close to $1000 more just to expedite the delivery of our camera, it was brand new at the time, and had a nine month waiting list.

"We urgently needed it as we were due to be on set three months after; the four-week delivery process was quite possibly the most terrifying moments of my life - I found myself sitting at the window watching out constantly hoping that might be the day it was finally delivered."

However as Yorkshireman has proven, the film industry isn’t as glamorous as it seems after revealing himself and the crew drag all their equipment with them to save costs.

He added: "We shoot on a tremendously low budget, the cast and crew are such incredible people who feel so passionate about the projects we work on. It's quite a challenge, but we usually split our equipment and props between cars as we travel between sets.

"This next project is just one location, which raises its own unique challenges as there's very little parking. It's not uncommon to find ourselves with flight cases and suitcases on the public transport of Leeds; it's often difficult but it makes for an experience, I guess!

"Most of our equipment, specifically some of the more technical stuff like our focus pulling systems, gimbals and even our camera have all come from various countries around the world. With the accessibility of such technical and specialist products on online shopping, it's much easier to checkout and cross your fingers that it ends up on your doorstep okay."

The government recently released figures of the GDP from the last quarterly month with a growth of 0.3%.  The like Star Wars and James Bond have led the way in helping the UK with recent Box-Office results. Oxley has been having his own success in recent months with an unprecedented amount of awards being given to those involved in the project.

"We were honoured to win the grand prize at The Monthly Film Festival for This World We Live In, as well as pick up awards for Screenwriting and Acting. We've had a few wins and nominations internationally as well for Best Director, Best SFX Makeup to Best Original Soundtrack which is really exciting.

"One of the things I wasn't expecting was the Awards and screenings internationally, the film is very British in representing that "lad culture", but its message and theme seems to have transcended universally which is quite fascinating. I'm hoping our next short, Pulse, will receive similarly warm reactions internationally - as it does look at a much more global issue in the LGBT* community. We work closely with Sainsbury's, who are a brilliant company for LGBT* rights and awareness," he concluded.

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