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Exclusive: ASA want BREXIT solution

Jon Conway, director general of the Switzerland-based European industry, expects UK politicians to face the burden of ensuring there is a deal from Brexit that benefits the trade market.

The Airport Services Association wants a solution for Brexit with the likes of British Airways sweating on the lack of detail enforced with arrangements to leave the EU by 2019.

Speaking exclusively to Tudor Freight, Conway admitted he was unsure for what future held for shipping companies:

“I think it's too early to predict what Brexit will mean for the logistics industry. Personally, I believe there will be significant commercial pressure on politicians to ensure the mutually beneficial maintenance of intra-European trade.

“There IS however general concern that aviation needs to be 'sorted out' well in advance of the formal Brexit deadlines. A recent EU meeting involving BA (IAG), EasyJet and Ryanair highlighted the lack of fall back arrangements post Brexit in 2019. We (ASA) issued a press release very recently highlighting this concern.” 

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Conway spoke earlier this week to reveal to his uncertainty of what effect Brexit will have on ASA around Europe and the rest of the world.

“Failure to reach an agreement well ahead of Brexit could lead to severe disruption and could negatively affect the European economy as a whole. There would be no winners in such a cliff edge scenario,” he concluded.

The airport services industry was established in 2010 and employs 100,000 people across Europe. ASA provides services to over 500 airports around the world and have been responsible for the turnaround of 5m aircrafts annually.  

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