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Canada chosen for new IATA-FIATA programme

IATA Cargo Agency Programme will be replaced with a new IATA-FIATA programme as forwarders and airlines will team up to make joint decisions.

During the years, the role of a forward has changed significantly from the original concept of acting as a sales agent for airlines to the current business relationship whereby the forward routinely contracts directly with the airline as a customer. 

The new allegiance has been set-up to run the programme to provide a framework of industry standards that are relevant and in line with practise.

Canada was the first chosen territory to feature in the new programme due to its excellence in working within the forwarding community and the airlines. It was believed that the communication aspect could be controlled effectively with any issues addressed during the pilot period.

After the original pilot, the IFACP will be released globally, though more information on the timelines will be made available by the IFGB in due course.

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