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British companies brought out by Dubai business

The Marcura Group has brought out UK-based companies in Falmor and G-Ports for an undisclosed fee.

Falmor is an SaaS-based cloud platform for demurrage management and collaboration whilst G-Port specialises in congestion, port and commodity tracking.

Marcura is a Dubai-based group of companies focused upon supplying business solutions to the maritime industry. They have said the acquisitions would help develop the expansion of its port cost indices which monitor costs at terminal and berth-level.

In a statement the company said: “The acquisitions will also support Marcura's strategic drive to provide its chartering customers with relevant software and data-driven solutions.

“A key determinant for any acquisition is a convincing business and cultural fit,” said Christian Haunso, Co-Founder and Group Chair of Marcura. “This is certainly the case with Simon Francis and his team.

“We have acquired two businesses that are all about solving real industry problems, always with the customer at the centre of the solutions. Simon has shown a deep understanding of chartering and operational shipping processes and has a proven track record of delivering sustainable solutions to the industry."

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