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BIFA elect new chairman

Mark Bromley has replaced Fred Osborn as the elected national chairman of UK freight forwarder group BIFA for a two-year term..

Osborn becomes immediate vice-chairman for a two-year stay. Group director and company secretary of the Woodland group John Stubbings will team up with Bromley after he was elected Vice-Chairman by the board.

Bromley has ventured around the BIFA brand for many years as he also experienced roles as working for BIFA member Allways International Freight forwarding and chairman of BIFA’s Surface Policy Group.  

BIFA Director General Robert Keen said: “In welcoming Mark and John into their new positions, I wish to express my appreciation for the contribution made by Fred Osborn over the past few years and pleasure that Sir Peter has agreed to continue in office.”

“You can see where Mark’s expertise in freight forwarding is, since he represents BIFA at (European forwarder group) CLECAT as chairman of the road institute, as well as attending meetings of the (global forwarder group) FIATA working group toad.

"Mark’s expertise alongside John’s wide ranging experience in helping to run a successful freight forwarding company will ensure that BIFA and its members will benefit greatly from these new appointments.”

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