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BIFA director not surprised by Queen's Speech

The Queen’s speech was delivered by her Majesty, the Queen at the House of Parliament. The government’s theme touched on security, the environment, transport but was mainly dominated by one subject, Brexit.

British Independent Freight Association director Robert Keen admitted he wasn't shocked from what he heard during the Queen's Speech.

"It was no surprise that today's Queen's Speech was dominated by bills related to Brexit. 

“It’s also no surprise that many of the items contained in the Conservative election manifesto did not make an appearance.

“But it is very disappointing that the Conservatives’ pre-election pledge to invest £40 billion in transport infrastructure improvements, and expand UK aviation capacity, appears to have been overlooked.

“We are left to assume that the procrastination on these matters, which are central to the activities of BIFA members that manage the movement of goods within domestic and international supply chains, is likely to continue.”

Keen also stated that despite Brexit being spoken upon throughout the Queens speech, it is unknown to how Theresa May and the coalition will tackle the issue.

“Whilst there were eight bills tackling Brexit alone; the real details of the Government’s approach to Brexit, and whether it will be hard or soft - was noticeably absent.

“The Customs Bill appears to include legislation that is designed to help the UK develop a standalone UK Customs regime post Brexit, which could mean difficulties for any of our members’ clients that were hoping to see legislation that would limit changes to the current situation where imports and exports within the EU are tariff free.

“Now we look forward to seeing greater details on how the Trade Bill will introduce a legal framework for Britain to agree free trade deals with countries and trading blocs around the world.”



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