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2,000 Firms on the look for compensation

Around 2,000 haulage firms have signed up with a UK-based group claim for compensation against any major truck manufacturers found guilty of colluding in a price fixing cartel.

The claim for compensation before the Competition Appeal Tribunal in London was set up by the UKs Road Haulage Association after the European Commission fined five of the major truck manufacturers 2.9 billion Euros for colluding in a price fixing cartel.  

Litigation funding experts Therium are contributing towards the action group.

The RHA said: “Almost 2,000 hauliers have now signed up to the action and a further 650 have expressed and registered their interest. Those that have already signed up account for circa 120,000 vehicles over 6 tonnes, purchased or leased during the cartel period.

“All operators can join the claim and benefit from both a highly competitive funding arrangement and one of the largest litigation insurance policies ever placed in the UK.” 

According to the RHA, the cartel operated for fourteen years between 1997 until 2011. During that time, 650,000 vehicles over 6 tonnes were either leased or sold to approximately 70,000 hauliers from 80,000 operating centres across the UK.

Similar claims for group compensation are understood to be taking place in other European jurisdictions.

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