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Tudor International is an Authorised Economic Operator

Tudor International Freight has been certified as an “Authorised Economic Operator” (AEO).

Tudor International Freight has been accredited with “Authorised Economic Operator – Full” (AEO-F) status. This means that we meet the current highest requirements of the World Customs Organization. AEO-F (Full) combines the simplifications in customs regulations of the AEO-C (Customs) status with the security-related criteria of the AEO-S (Security) status.

What is AEO?

In order to obtain AEO (F) status, a series of rigorous audits are conducted by HMRC. These tests include compliance with customs requirements, reliability, financial solvency and fulfilment of the relevant legal and safety regulations.

AEO is also part of a worldwide initiative to secure international supply chains and benefits from mutual recognition with other countries.


Advantages of AEO Status

Authorised Economic Operators enjoy a number of privileges. This includes greater access to customs simplifications, priority clearance, reduced administration, improved security, between supply chain partners and higher transparency through internal control systems.

Tudor International Freight has joined a select group of 300 companies from the UK to obtain the full Authorised Economic Operator status. You may find it useful to read our "What is AEO?" article.

If you would like to talk to a member of the Tudor International Freight team to discuss how your business could benefit from using an AEO freight company, please contact us.

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