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Future of AN124 Aircraft in Doubt

The future of the AN124 aircraft is in serious doubt after Ukrainian manufacturer Antonov said it would not work with Russian companies after January 1 2017 and could halt international AN-124 operations altogether.

Ukrainian manufacturer Antonov said it may stop working with Russian companies after January 1 2017, which puts the future of the AN124 aircraft in worrying doubt.

Ukraine announced on September 7 2016 that it will leave the trilateral Ukraine-Russia-NATO Strategic Airlift Interim Solution, which would also see the end of the agreement on construction of new “Ruslan” planes, between Antonov Airlines and Volga-Dnepr.

Antonov Airlines has seven AN124, and Volga-Dnepr operates ten of these aircraft, which are generally used in military operations as well as for commercial heavy lift cargo.

According to Cargo Facts, manufacturer Antonov has been in talks with AirX, a passenger airline who are looking to move into the cargo sphere.

Antonov said: “In case of withdrawal of the AN−124−100 Ruslan civil aircraft from supervision by Antonov, the company will be forced to address international aviation organisations with a statement about the discharge of its responsibility for the safe operation of these airplanes on international air routes”.

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