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French Strikes Impact International Supply Chain

Workers unions across France oppose reforms which would allow citizens to work longer hours, causing disorder, a national shortage of available fuel and an impact on the international supply chain.

A recent push by government officials to extend the legal working week from 35 hours to 46, increase the power of an organisation to reduce pay, lay-off workers easier and renegotiate holiday allowance has caused unrest throughout the country, which is due to host the European Football Championship in a matter of days.

A strike by port and fuel depot workers has had a huge effect on the country’s output and halted international supply chains across Western Europe. Haulage and freight companies are not said to be involved in the protests however port closures, road blocks and fuel shortages have had an effect on their ability to operate.

Sailing schedules have also been affected with port workers striking throughout the week meaning container ships, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) vessels and chemical carriers are currently waiting to dock at various ports along the French coast.

If you are concerned with how the current strikes may affect your shipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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