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Flights between UK and China to double

UK and China has agreed to allow thousands more flights to operate each year after a deal was struck in London to more than double the permitted passenger flights number and an unlimited number of cargo flights.

Over 100 flights every week each way will be allowed instead of 40, with an unlimited number of cargo flights. Department for Transport stated that the change will “create new opportunities for UK trade and business”.

It’s expected that the move will also boost tourism and trade opportunities for the UK, which will be very important to build a confident Great Britain after Brexit.

Manchester is the first airport outside of London to launch a direct route between the UK and China. The move is expected to bring approximately £250m in economic benefits to the UK over the next 10 years.

However, Adam Marshall, acting director general of the British Chambers of Commerce said that “We need more aviation capacity in the UK for this to be effective. It is therefore vital that the government’s long-overdue decision on airport capacity in the south-east works to boost growth in both the near and long term.”

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