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Lithium Battery Ban Rejected

Rechargeable lithium batteries will continue to be carried in the holds of passenger aircraft.

The International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) panel met in Montreal, Canada earlier this month to discuss whether the rules and regulations surrounding the transportation of lithium batteries on passenger aircraft required updating.

The outcome according to Associated Press was an 11-7 vote against any change to the current legislation.

Lithium batteries are found in everyday portable electronics such as smart phones, watches and digital cameras, which would make an outright ban unpopular with passengers.

However, the transportation of lithium batteries by air freight has become a hot topic in recent years following three lithium battery connected accidents on aircraft in the last ten years.

Researchers have since proven that lithium batteries can cause chain reactions when packed in bulk, which can in extreme circumstances lead them to self-ignite.

Aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Bowing have previously advised passengers against carrying lithium battery cargo shipments, but challengers of the ban argued that the decision to carry them should be left with the individual airlines.

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