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Mixed Freight Services

Tudor International are leaders in the provision of mixed freight services. We regularly ship consignments for our customers by air freight, sea freight and road freight across the World.

Tudor International is a leader in mixed freight services. Our organisation has vast experience in all modes of transport, which allows us to provide our customer base with a wide range of solutions to meet their needs.


Variety of Worldwide Freight Services

We have dedicated air freightsea freight and road freight teams, who will work together and advise you of the most appropriate service for your consignment. We understand that some orders are time sensitive, whereas others will be driven by price.

Tudor Freight has been dealing with the world's major shipping and airlines for over twenty years. As a result we have built strong relationships across the World and are able to achieve special services and discounted rates. This has enabled us to become one of the leading mixed freight services companies in the UK.

Dangerous Goods Shipping

We can also arrange for the transport of dangerous goods by all modes of transport for you. All our staff are trained to handle these shipments.

If you would like to find out more information regarding our mixed freight services, contact us today.

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