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Carriage of Hazardous Goods

The carriage of hazardous goods overseas is a not as straightforward as you may think. The process is very heavily regulated and you should seek advice before shipping certain products abroad.

If you export chemicals, corrosives, or even some household cleaning products, it is of vital importance that the regulations and rulings for shipping these products have been checked in advance.

If you are unsure whether a certain product should be classified as hazardous, feel free to give us a call and we will be able to provide you with some assistance.


Hazardous Cargo Classification

Each dangerous substance being exported needs to be correctly classified, packed, marked and labelled before they can leave the UK.

You should also note that the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods differ depending on the mode of transport being used.  In some cases, a product can be deemed hazardous if it is being sent as air freight but not if travelling as sea freight.

Dangerous Goods Specialists

Tudor Freight are international freight forwarders and we specialise in the carriage of hazardous goods. We have been shipping dangerous goods overseas for over twenty years and we have a proven track record in this field. Our staff are on a constant training programme to the highest IATA standards.

If you have any queries regarding the carriage of hazardous goods, please contact us.

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