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Customs Clearance

At Tudor we understand the importance of completing customs declarations in a timely and cost effective manner. We are able to provide Customs Clearance services at all major seaports and airports across the UK.

At Tudor, we provide Customs Clearance for hundreds of international shipments both in and out of the country each week.

We understand that slow Customs Clearance can be frustrating and in some cases can lead to unnecessary storage fees and demurrage charges arising.


Direct Link to Customs

We have direct computer links to Customs to ensure that your goods are cleared as soon as possible, whether they are arriving in or leaving the UK by air freightsea freight or road freight.

We also appreciate that mis-declarations of import duty or VAT can sometimes lead to unexpected additional amounts falling due at a later date. It is therefore of vital importance that this is carried out accurately.


Customs Clearance Advice

We can advise on any Customs Clearance issues you may have, whether this is your first time importing goods into the UK or you are a regular importer. Please contact us for more details or request a quotation.

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