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Container Shipping

Due to our good relations with the world's leading shipping lines we are able to provide cost effective Container Shipping services to suit your needs.

Tudor can provide import and export container shipping services for your business at affordable prices. We send hundreds of containers to all four corners of the world each month and as a result have strong relations with the world's leading shipping lines.


We can ship hazardous goods

We work with you to provide a service specific to your needs and will gladly advise on any complicated shipments such as hazardous goods or food products.

We try to make container shipping as straightforward for you as possible. We can either arrange for containers to be delivered to your premises to be loaded by yourself or alternatively you can leave this job with us and we can load your goods at our warehouse.
Tudor can collect your cargo or arrange for a container to be loaded from anywhere in the UK.

Full Container Load and Loose Container Load

We can arrange FCL container shipping services for full load shipments as well as LCL shipping services if you do not have enough cargo to warrant a full container.

If you would like any further advice or a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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