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International Students: Top Tips For Studying Abroad

At Tudor International Freight, we’ve worked with thousands of students in their quest for international study, having helped them ship their belongings to an array of different countries around the world.

Whether you’re headed to France, Spain, the United States, Canada, or Germany, we can help you get your personal possessions across the world with our excess baggage and student shipping services.

Having assisted countless of students in their quest for international study, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way, so here is Tudor International Freight’s top tips for studying abroad!

Plan your budget out well in advance

As you’re probably aware, it’s best to maximise your budget while you study at university, and this is even more important when you’re doing it in another country.

Take a look at which bank accounts or credit cards better suit your stay, as costs can soon build up if you get charged for every time you withdraw money.

It might also be worth opening a bank account in the country where you are planning to live so that you can pay rent and have access to some of the country’s key benefits.

One of the most affordable places to study abroad is generally thought to be France, while Norway offers free education for everyone, whether a person is from inside the EU or not. Germany also offers free university tuition and combines that with a low cost of living.

Make use of technology

Nowadays we use apps and gadgets for practically everything, from ordering pizza through to booking a taxi, but you can also make use of apps for studying abroad, especially when it concerns learning a new language.

Apps such as Dualingo (available for both Android and Apple) are fantastic for learning the basics and essentials for just about every language.

Other free sources include WordReference and Google Translate, both of which you can use through your laptop or desktop computer.

Another big tip is to explore as much everyday culture as possible, from local television through to magazines, so that you can pick up colloquial phrases and help build your knowledge around current affairs.

Consider getting a job and take a chance

Getting a part time job while studying is a great way of ensuring that you have enough money for outings and in case of emergencies.

One of the many advantages of being an international student is the fact that you’ll have a unique skill that is often in demand. If you search in the right places, this could lead to lucrative teaching roles. You can find more about this option on the Prospects website.

With employment in mind, it’s probably not the best idea to plan all your weekends out in advance, as you’ll need to be flexible. Of course, you’ll also want to spend time with the many new people that you’ll meet, so keeping your options open is definitely worth doing.

Don’t worry about awkwardness or being slow off the mark

If you’re moving to a country where the first language isn’t the same as your own, even if you have been studying it for some time, the transition to actually living and studying there can still be quite tough.

As you can imagine, native speakers talk much faster than those who are just learning the language, so don’t worry if you find it difficult to begin with.

With this in mind, you should also be prepared to make natural mistakes, but you can only overcome them from getting out there and making the best of your situation!

If you want to know more about how Tudor Freight can help you get your personal belongings to your country of study, call us on 0113 250 1155, or check out our contact page.

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