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Celebrating Australia Day

This blog celebrates Australia Day, briefly exploring the history behind the occasion and recognising the close ties which bond the UK and Australia to this day. Two hundred and thirty-one years later Britain is still Shipping to Australia.

Whilst we at Tudor Freight like to think we have been Shipping to Australia for many a year, it would be somewhat foolish to claim to be behind the original vessel landings from Britain. This claim to fame lies with those on board the First Fleet which landed at Port Jackson, Sydney on 26th January 1788.

What is the history of Australia Day?

This fleet of eleven ships carried a very different type of cargo than the kind which makes the same journey these days and, with a modern transit time of around 40 days, it is somewhat quicker than the 250 days which the original crew and "passengers" endured two hundred and thirty-one years ago. 

In recent times Australia Day celebrations have spread throughout the whole nation and whether you find yourself in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth you are likely to find people marking the occasion with a barbeque and a slab or two of beer in the sunshine with their friends and family.

Of course the anniversary of the population of Australia by Europeans is not a time for celebration for all Australians. Many in the indigenous communities understandably feel very differently about January 26th, a day they call Survival Day. Some consider it a day of mourning and others use the day to mark the survival of ongoing traditions and cultures. It is important to respect these feelings and take time to reflect on why many within these indigenous communities feel the way they do about the occasion.

Shipping excess baggage to Australia

Australians making the long journey back home to partake in the festivities are unlikely to travel via the high seas in this day and age. With air travel reducing the transit time to just a couple of days they have never had a greater choice of airlines to use. However, the excess baggage charges imposed by many of these airlines can be very expensive which is why more and more people are using our air freight services to get their luggage home quickly, safely and cheaply. Visit our Australia page to see the rates and services available and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Alternatively, use our instant calculator to generate your own quotation with no need to get in touch with us at all. If you like what you see, simply book online.

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