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The Top 5 Exports To The US

The most lucrative goods across the world are shipped in containers.

Every day essentials in today’s society such as smart phones provided by Apple and Samsung products are some of the most common goods.

The United States of America are famous for their contribution to developing technology. According to research firm Canalys, the iPhone 7 was the world’s bestselling phone during the third quarter of 2017. Apple shipped 13 million units of iPhone 7’s whilst shifting 11.9 million iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices during the quarter.

A staggering 728 million iPhones are in use at the moment according to Business Insider. You’d imagine phones and technological equipment would be one of the top commodities that are shipped to the United States.

Surprisingly they’re not. Here’s a list of the five top commodities shipped through to the United States.

5) Coal

Coming in at number 5 is coal. With it being one of the most vital and valuable resources with about 731,000 metric tons being shipped in. However, there has been a decline in shipping coal to the United States and across the world, though, with many countries thinking green and turning to natural resources.

4) Motor vehicles and parts

Motor parts and accessories have also made the list with 1.4 million metric tons of goods being shipped in 2010.

Some of Japan’s ports conduct some of the biggest business in reconditioned vehicle’s whilst the US ship the newest cars. Parts and accessories from motor vehicles make the list at number four with 1.4 million metric tons being shipped from 2010.

3) Sculpture

Antiques, collectables and stone sculptures are exported all over the world with an estimated 1.4 million metric tons being shipped to the US. The items are renown for providing great value as well as weight.

2) Bananas

Yes, seriously. Bananas have slid in at number two. Despite it sounding rather bemusing, it’s the most popular fruit in the world. South American countries such as Columbia and Ecuador are famous for exporting the product. Despite it not weighing much, it has shifted over 1.5 million metric tons since 2010.

1) Furniture 

This won’t shock many, due to it being a heavy commodity. Furniture and furniture parts are at number one. Since 2010 more than 2.3 million metric tons of furniture was shipped to the United States from various ports from around the globe.

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