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The Six Wonders Of Mexico

Mexico is a hugely popular destination with millions travel to the likes of Cancun, destination each year.

Tudor have decided to select some of most interesting and bizarre facts.

1) The Mexican flag is made up of three separate stripes. Each colour of the flag has different meaning. The green stripe defines hope, the white stripe in the middle represents purity and unity whilst the red stripe signifies blood from the nation’s heroes. The picture of an eagle demolishing a snake in the centre of the flag is called the Coat of Arms and is based on an Aztec legend.

2) This will make you appreciate Mexico even more... they introduced the world to chocolate, chillies and corn! Lets not even get started on Nachos...

3) Bullfighting is the most recognised sport in Mexico. Spanish conquerors originally introduced the barbaric activity and is now adored by millions of Mexicans, despite it not ending well for some... Every year from November until April Bullfighting takes place, so if you're planning on being in Plaza, Mexico City, and fancy doing something out of the ordinary then get involved! 

4) The National University of Mexico is the oldest university in North America. Founded in 1551 by Roman Emperor Charles V, the university has impressive figures as they produce the largest numbers of professionals in Mexico. It has also produced artists in Mexican history, such as Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros. In 2016, due to their high demanded, it had an acceptance rate of only 8%.

5) Volcano Rabbit's belong to Mexico. They are the second smallest rabbit in the world. With small rounded ears, short legs, covered in thick fur and just weighing between 390-900 Grams, you will do will to spot one. If you do, please send them in to Tudor via our Facebook page or Twitter

6) Love wrestling? If so, you'll love Lucha Underground which features former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio. Across the cities in Mexico, some even offer you the chance to step in the ring and give you lessons in how to beat someone up!

Failing all the above, why not sit on a beach with a good book and top up your tan. There are plenty in Mexico to choose from.

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