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Shipping To Trinidad & Tobago

While many people talk about Trinidad & Tobago as if they are the same island, they are actually the same country but two separate islands with distinct differences.

Tobago is more of the resort destination, with white sand beaches, water sports, expansive golf courses and a general old world Caribbean feel. Additionally, the culture and demographic is rooted in African traditions, especially in terms of cuisine and festivals.

On the other hand, Trinidad is a huge business travel destination, especially as it is home a booming oil and natural gas industry. It has more of a city feel, with more outdoor offerings available as you get out of Port of Spain.

Tudor has a great relationship and has dealt with Trinidad & Tobago separately for over two decades. Whether you are looking to ship to Trinidad for business requirements or hoping for shipments to Tobago for pleasure, Tudor have the deals for you.

Air Freight to Port of Spain

If you are looking to receive goods to the Port of Spain then we will only charge £2.83 per Kilo under 100kg luggage whilst over 100kg the charge would be even cheaper at £2.41 per Kilo.

To Tobago, Tudor offer a price of £2.80 per Kilo under 100kg with luggage over at £2.30.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team. 

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