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Our services to Saudi Arabia

For many years Tudor Freight have been shipping to Saudi Arabia, and though in 2002 one of our colleagues struck a special bond with the Arabic country, our links stretch way back to 1991 when we first began to ship excess baggage.

With the UK renowned for its education system, hundreds of thousands of international students graduate in Britain every year.

A high portion of those come from the Middle East region and once turned professional, focus can soon switch from those final exams to shipping to Saudi Arabia.

Excess Baggage to Saudi Arabia

But after the stress of exams, as experts in shipping to Saudi Arabia, Tudor are here to make your transition back home as simple as it could be with all your excess baggage.

With very competitive rates and a transit time of less than a week our air freight service operates to the metropolis of Riyadh and the ancient city of Dammam. And if that’s not enough, our leading shipping to Saudi Arabia service now operates to the Eastern cities of Jeddah and Medina, the burial temple of the Prophet Mohamed.

Further information is available on our shipping to Saudi Arabia page and you may also wish to use the instant quote to obtain an estimation of the costs for your shipment.

Excess Baggage Collection

With collections across the whole of the UK we can help with your shipment, no matter your location.

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