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Our Freight Services To Brazil

When people think about South America, they cast their thoughts immediately towards Brazil. Not just because it’s by far the largest country in the diverse continent, but because of the countless beauties it has to offer.

Ever since the Portuguese colonisation over 500 years ago, shipping to Brazil has provided key trade to and from the Samba state.

Brazil Shipping Experts

Though at Tudor Freight we’ve not quite been about that long, we have gained barrels of experience when shipping to Brazil over the last 26 years.

Since 1991, the year of Tudor’s birth, the number of Brazilians living in the UK has risen to 60,000. But not all have stayed. In 2014 for the World Cup, and then last year for the Olympics Games, many Brazilians returned home to enjoy the events.

Famous for Pele, Christ the Redeemer and their flavoursome Churrascarias, of course there are plenty of reasons for people to return to Brazil, and at Tudor Freight we make that journey all the more easier by assisting with your excess baggage and belongings

Shipping to Brazil shouldn’t be a difficult task, but as the experts leave it to us.

Shipping to Brazil by Air

Whether you are returning to Porto Alegre in the south, or visiting the county’s capital city Brasilia, our shipping to Brazil air freight service is the option for you. Ofcourse we operate to multiple destinations throughout Brazil too, including the Amazonian capital of Manaus in the middle of the jungle as well as coastal paradise that is Rio de Janeiro.

While shipping to Brazil is best done by plane, we also operate a sea freight service to selected ports.

If you are shipping to Brazil, you can use our instant quote calculator to obtain an estimate of the cost without having to contact us directly. If you prefer a more personal service then feel free to contact us to speak to one of our trained representatives.

Alternatively, why not take a look at our dedicated Brazil page for details of our rates and services.

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